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We're a group of podcasters who have at least one thing in common: We talk (at least a little) about roleplaying games. We might talk about what we're playing at our tables, about what's going on the industry, or about what we've learned that might help others improve their games. We might even talk about other things besides roleplaying games! Explore this site and find out more about our shows.


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All Games Considered
A podcast about tabletop gaming -- roleplaying, wargaming, board games and the like, and the people who play them.
Host: Mark Kinney, Mags, and Carol

A podcast show about tabletop gaming in its various and varied forms

Episode Name Release Date Description
AGC 212 June 12th 2017 (Richard Tucholka) (1:39:16) 06/13/2017 This episode is a slightly edited repost. On April 27th, 2017, Richard Tucholka of Tri Tac Games passed away. Bruce Sheffer, John Reiher, and Robert "Trav" Poloskey of the Tri Tac Podcast join Mark to…
AGC 211 May 25th 2017 (Good Enough For Gaming) (54:54) 05/25/2017 With Mark Kinney and Carol. No special guest this time. Combo breaker. 12 Years of this. Noting the passing of Richard Tucholka, and that episode will eventually return. HyperiCon is coming! Changelin…
AGC 210 April 27th 2017 (A Big Worldbuilding Discussion) (43:38) 04/27/2017 With Mark Kinney, and Charles White from Fabled Environments. Olympus Inc. Worldbuilding. Religion as a base. Drafting a world. Different genres, from SF to supers. Implications of world elements. Kic…
AGC 209 April 12th 2017 (ConGlomerationn 2017 Almost Live) (50:05) 04/12/2017 With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Chris Heim! No Gaming For Cheap Bastards this time. "Are those tarrott cards?" Hero Realms. What else is Chris up to? Gaming activities at ConGlomeration. Artemis! The GMi…
AGC 208 March 29th 2017 (A New Podcast About Macrame) (1:27:32) 03/29/2017 With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Anim5. A few audio glitches. Coining the term "Grognewb". The Gutter Skypes and playing online. Dealing with absent players. Twists and Reveals. Maps and making a campaign…
AGC 207 March 14th 2017 (Nobody Names A Wizard 'Wizard') (1:15:29) 03/15/2017 With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Craig Campbell from Nerdburger Games. Some Linux Skype issues solved, and thoughts of ConGlomeration games. A retrospective on Jack Chick and Dark Dungeons. Surviving bein…
AGC 206 February 28th 2017 (On A Movie Kick) (56:27) 02/28/2017 With Mark Kinney and Carol. Mark's Skype issues. Loren Wiseman. Jeremy Tangman's GoFundMe. ConGlomeration! Kickstarer Corner! A Movie Buff review! More CW DC talk. ConGlom again. Segment ideas. Downlo…
AGC 205 February 14th 2016 (A Titan of Time Machines) (1:26:56) 02/15/2017 With Mark Kinney, Carol, and Chris Mais of Kicked in the Dicebags. About KitDB. What we're up to, Minotaurs of the Stonelands, and DriveThruRPG picks. Getting back into gaming after a long absence, ri…
AGC 204 October 18th 2016 (The Future?) (52:54) 10/18/2016 With Mark Kinney and Carol. A (sort of) farewell to Mags (though she will still do RPG Buffet and drop in for the occasional episode). Thoughts on a new format. Local gaming or gaming to be. Carol's G…
AGC News Early August 2016 (14:03) 08/03/2016 With Mark Kinney. Spiel des Jahres. Hasbro acquires Boulder Media. Asmodee acquiring F2Z. Wizard World turns a profit! Hastings closing. Lots of coming games. New gaming cafes. Orcs and Swords summer …
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