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D&D with StS logo
D&D with StS
D&D with Dexter, Oxnard and Boss!

An epic comedy D&D podcast.

Episode Name Release Date Description
D&D with StS - Sidequel B - The Ballad of Grimwald & Bubba 06/05/2015 "The Ballad of Grimwald and Bubba", Sidequel B.  Before moving on to season 3, enjoy this very special sidequel.  Truths are revealed, revelations are made.  A D&D tale of suspense …
D&D with StS - Halloween Special 02/15/2015 Happy Halloween!  Daro and Graim have a flashback to their more innocent years when they partook in an annual Dwarven tradition.  Will these two young punks survive the night without being h…
D&D with StS - Holiday Special 02/15/2015 Enjoy this fun filled adventure from Graim and Daro's Past.  DWARVES!  Music By Kevin MacLeod
D&D With StS - Sidquel A Part 2 - Thagan's Great Escape 02/04/2015 Part 2 of Sidequel A - Before moving on with season 2 of our 'Dungeons and Dragons' game, Boss had devised a smaller adventure to give more information about this strange fantasy world, a SIDEQUEL. De…
D&D With StS - Sidquel A Part 1 - The High Guardsmen Of The Chalice Room 02/04/2015 Part 1 of  Sidequel A - In between seasons 1 and 2 of our 'Dungeons and Dragons' game, Boss had devised a smaller adventure to give more information about this strange fantasy world, a SIDEQUEL. …
D&D With StS - Se 2 Finale - Wizards and their Games 01/26/2015 Season 2 comes to a close.  Recent alliances are challenged, old alliances are challenged, Daro and Graim seem mentally challenged.  The Duo suffer through a tough hardship, however it appea…
D&D With StS - Se 2 Part 9 - New And Old 04/25/2014 Part 9, season 2.  Daro and Graim are separated, the blue faction is on guard and there is tension in the air.  Something momentous occurs that will change the course of the duos history. &n…
D&D With StS - Se 2 Part 8 - All is Lost 04/05/2014 Daro and Graim are making moves toward the blue faction keep.  Something happens...Twitter:Oxnard: https://twitter.com/stsOxnardDexter: https://twitter.com/stsdexterBoss: https://twitter.com/thes…
D&D With StS - Se 2 Part 7 - One Foot Short of a Fisting 03/29/2014 Graim is forced into a situation he clearly has no right being a part of.  Daro is getting pushed around, and bizarre and mysterious forces are at work.  Hysterical laughter breaks out.Twitt…
D&D with StS - Se 2 Part 6 - Mist Opportunities 03/21/2014 Season 2, Part 6.  The world is changed, they feel it in the water, they feel it in the earth. They smell it in the air. Much that's been rolled is lost; for none now live who can manage to roll …
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