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Darker Days Podcast logo
Darker Days Podcast

Join Mike, Chris, and Bryce (we call him Chigg) as they explore both of White Wolf's World of Darkness settings and bring in elements of the real world with the

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
Darker Days Radio Episode #76 1:30:53 03/31/2017 Video Games Mike and Pete take a look at all of the World of Darkness video games, from Vampire: the Masquerade - Redemption to Mage: the Ascension: Refuge. There are some big announcements this episo…
Darker Days Radio Episode #75 1:17:41 02/25/2017 Pure Magic Mike, Chigg, and Matt tackle the World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness head on! The trio starts of with an in-depth analysis of Dark Ages: Mage, exploring perhaps the best magic sys…
Darker Days Radio Episode #74 2:05:14 12/19/2016 World of Darkness: Berlin Mike and Chris are joined by Bjarke, Johanna, and Juhana - the organizers of the upcoming World of Darkness: Berlin fan festival. We discuss an array of subjects, from the p…
World of Darkness: Berlin Interview - We Want Your Input! 12/13/2016 Reminder: This Friday we are interviewing the World of Darkness: Berlin team as they reveal more details of the huge European fan event. It would be great if WoD and CofD fans could send us questions,…
Darker Days Radio teams up with World of Darkness: Berlin 12/10/2016   Official Podcast Partner: Darker Days World of Darkness Berlin: We’re happy to share that we’ve joined forces with the awesome podcasters of Darker Days Radio, the Official Podcast Partner of t…
More Darker Days Radio Plays Kingdom Death and Red Bubble Store is Open! 12/06/2016 The Wyld Hunt  As part of an ongoing team up, Chris and the guys at Beasts of War, have continue a series of “Let’s Play Kingdom Death: Monster”.       
Darker Days Radio and Beasts of War play Kingdom Death: Monster 11/02/2016 Let the Lanterns Light the Way! As part of an ongoing team up, Chris and the guys at Beasts of War, have started a new series of “Let’s Play Kingdom Death: Monster”.  Chris and James on Netwo…
Darker Days Radio Episode #73 51:23 10/26/2016 Dark Reflections: Holocaust Mike and Chigg tackle Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah for Wraith: the Oblivion. It’s a dark book requiring serious discussion. Be sure to listen to this episode wit…
Darker Days Radio Mentioned in the Latest “Wargaming, Soldiers and Strategy” 08/27/2016 In the previous issue of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy, Darker Days Radio, especially episode 71, got a shout out by Warhammer creator Rick Priestly. Quite the honour really as the article actually…
Darker Days Radio Presents Darkling #39 1:06:27 07/10/2016 In Strix Confidence - An Interview with Simon Berman In this Darkling we interview Simon Berman. Simon recently finished his time at Privateer Press and has established Strix Publishing.
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