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Darker Days Podcast logo
Darker Days Podcast

Join Mike, Chris, and Chigg as they explore both of White Wolf's World of Darkness settings and bring in elements of the real world with the Secret Frequency.

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
GenCon 2017: What is up with White Wolf Entertainment? 58:31 08/19/2017 Once more from the darkest bowels of GenCon, Chigg, Man of Mystery, brings us the latest about White Wolf Entertainment, how they are working with licensees, and a big announcement about Vampire the M…
GenCon 2017: What’s Up With White Wolf RPGs? 57:32 08/18/2017 At great personal risk, Chigg has smuggled out a recording of this year’s “What’s Up With Onyx Path’s Handling of The White Wolf Intellectual Properties.”  Jests aside, special thanks to On…
Darkling #43: Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition Playtest 2:05:45 07/23/2017 Mike, Chris, Chigg, and Matt play The Last Night, the pre-alpha playtest adventure for Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition (V5), and give some of their insight into the mechanics and adventure afterwa…
#81: Fae Covenant 1:58:52 07/09/2017 Mike, Chris, and Chigg explore one of the most hotly demanded updates ever - Changeling: the Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition. According to Chigg, it’s the best Changeling book ever. Following that…
Darkling #42: Deviant Activities 32:51 06/27/2017 Chris sits down with Onyx Path Publishing writer and developer, Dave Brookshaw, as they take a breather from walking about UK Games Expo and chat all about Chronicles of Darkness, Mage the Awakening, …
#80: Enlightenment in Blood War Stories 1:14:10 06/10/2017 Chris has been hard at work, piecing together the narrative of World of Darkness: Berlin’s Enlightenment in Blood LARP through a series of interviews. First, we discover the machinations of Brendon…
Darker Days Presents Darkling #41 29:14 06/04/2017 Chris and James chat to Chris from Modiphius about horror rpgs “Tales from the Loop”, “Coriolis”, and “Cold and Dark”. Plus we chat a bit about their “Star Trek” rpg, and their “Fall…
Darker Days Radio Episode #79 54:42 06/03/2017 Creating Chronicles for your Worlds of Darkness Mike and Chris have recorded their World of Darkness Berlin lecture on translating cool concepts from the Chronicles of Darkness settings to the World …
Darker Days Radio Episode #79 Companion Slides 06/03/2017 Darker Days #79 is a recording of Chris and Mike’s World of Darkness Berlin presentation discussing how to exchange ideas between the various Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage games. Attached are the comp…
Darker Days Presents Darkling #40 10:33 05/27/2017 World of Darkness: Ukraine Mike is joined by Natali, Vladimir, and Anton to discuss World of Darkness gaming in Ukraine and beyond. The crew explores their own fan community on VK, swap stories about …
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