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Death D4 Dishonor logo
Death D4 Dishonor

An international group of friends playing an epic Theatre of the Mind, Storyteller campaign loosely based on 4e D&D rules. Hosted by the Grey Area Podcast and featuring Tinzien as the DM.

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
Episode 195: H.5 - Assassins of Blood, Stone, and Bone 05/26/2017 Sometimes the party is itching for a fight, and sometimes a dirty, bare knuckles tunnel fight itches for a party. Welcome to the day that the fight gets its itch scratched.
Episode 194: H.5 - Believing in Fairies and Elementals 1:00:50 03/10/2017 The Living Dungeon tries to communicate with the party while Sezzur feels queasy about all the gold he has hoarded.
Episode 193: H.5 - Sezzur, Tyrant of the Drow 1:00:50 03/10/2017 Arriving in the Drow city under Winterhaven, a discovery is made regarding a new tyrant who is causing problems while at the same time promoting literacy. An investigation of the new cavern begins but…
Episode 192: H.5 - Deputy Dawg & The Casual Orc Face Ripper 1:07:48 03/10/2017 Shortly after returning to Winterhaven the party encounters the town's Deputy Mayor, comes to grips with orc politics, and then heads off to the Drow city under their feet. Oh, their may or may not be…
Episode 191: H.5 - What's My Name? (Holiday 2016 Episode) 1:31:32 01/01/2017 This is our special 2016 Holiday episode which happens outside of our D4 cannon story-line! Jenesee takes over as DM and sends the party out to rescue a child on a most confusing but auspicious evenin…
Episode 190: H.5 - Gold in the Hills 53:48 12/16/2016 Sometimes it is better to never have known that you have been in the belly, or somewhere more disgusting, of the beast. The party comes to this collective conclusion and more in this episode!
Episode 189: H.5 - Smote 53:46 11/06/2016 The party continues to investigate what happened in Gaslight while Zanatari and Burt ponder the repercussions of smiting.
Episode 188: H.5 - Ask Nicely 1:00:53 10/06/2016 Sezzur ignores things, Karrul recovers in a barn within the town of undead, Burt might have launched death rays, and Zanatari gets the idea in her head to ask a vampire some questions. Yeah....
Episode 187: H.5 - Terra Firma Terror 48:11 09/09/2016 Consider for a moment an event so terrible that it makes undead flee in terror. Welcome to that event. Tinzien Note - This episode was a do-over from the previous recording session because the origin…
Episode 186: H.5 - Four Bells Till Dusk 1:03:19 06/11/2016 Events take place at the tavern, including a visit from Sezzur's employer, that lead the party to flee instead of mingling with the residents of Ghostlight.
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