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Dice Heroes logo
Dice Heroes
Role Playing Game Actual Play Sessions
Host: GM Tondi
Topics: Actual Play

A podcast following the sessions of a group of Australian gamers as they try different table top role playing game systems and adventure through fantastic worlds. Actual play sessions of games run on a weekly basis, tune in to join the fun.

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
Pathfinder 12 - A deadly situation 2:31:51 05/07/2017 The competition has been won but at what cost? Teezoth has to rely on some new and old allies to help get this fellow crew members out of a sticky situation. With lives on the line, who will live?…
Pathfinder 11 - The path to victory 47:03 04/23/2017 Defending their ally Taudry turns into a full on face off with their past assailant Fairee, and she doesn't play fair. Meanwhile Prince Greg is hot on the heels of Teezoth as he races to the fini…
Pathfinder 09 - Hummingbird Fountain Showdown 1:46:10 04/09/2017 The crew of the Kaylus find themselves involved in an adventurers competition run by the noble halfling families above Kings Cloak. Their noble halfling companion has a difficult decision to make and…
Pathfinder 10 - Hummingbird Hunt 59:41 04/09/2017 Hot on the hunt for the jewel encrusted humming bird the party head straight into trouble as they collide with two of the other teams in this game for adventurers. One of the teams seems to be more…
Pathfinder 08 - Wheeling and Dealing 1:04:41 03/25/2017 The party has managed to gain an audience with an influential couple in the halfing marchant nobility however they weren't who they were expecting and they seem to know a heck of a lot more than every…
Pathfinder 07 - Hide and Seek 1:07:42 03/18/2017 After causing a ruckus in town our heroes find themselves on the run and hiding. With the populous of Kings Cape hunting for them, their plans to find allies might be hampered. Meanwhile Teezoth h…
Pathfinder 06 - A Kings Cloak 1:12:09 03/12/2017 Our heroes make it back to civilisation and find themselves in a bustling merchant town. Del Nova has a disease that could turn her into a Void Zombie. Tezoth keeps getting funny feelings when looki…
Pathfinder 05 - Friends and Presents 1:40:44 02/26/2017 The crew of the Kaylus continue their journey towards Galindon to return the noble "Matti". The recent find of possible treasures turns out to be something completely different and the new passenger …
Pathfinder 04 - Being Bravery 1:14:28 02/20/2017 APOLOGIES: One of our players Skypes in this session and the audio quality isn't great. After hunting and battling with a beast threatening the local citizens the crew of the Kaylus get back on cou…
Pathfinder 03 - The webs we weave 1:34:35 02/09/2017 The Dice Heroes continue their Pathfinder adventure Drifting Shores. This home brewed evolving setting is a world of floating islands and flying ships. Forced to do the bidding of a local lord to e…
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