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Evil is as Evil Does logo
Evil is as Evil Does
Actual Dungeons and Dragons play but the players are all evil alignment...
Host: Geekspective

Actual Dungeons and Dragons play but the players are all evil alignment…

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
s2e55 My Moral Compass 69:54 03/21/2017 With a nightmare gnawing at Nu-Ek The Evil Does go along with Azrael to see if they can get some additional help. The post s2e55 My Moral Compass appeared first on Geekspective.
s2e54 Minotaur Nightmare 43:09 03/14/2017 Getting back from an exciting night out The Evil Doers settle down for a rest only to be disrupted by a nightmare. The post s2e54 Minotaur Nightmare appeared first on Geekspective.
s2e53 MC Octo 90:01 03/07/2017 Tension is high at the Purple Penguin and there is no telling what The Evil Doers will do to get what they want. The post s2e53 MC Octo appeared first on Geekspective.
s2e52 The Purple Penguin 74:38 02/28/2017 Having met someone magnificent The Evil Doers take care of a new tenant and then go checkout the hipster scene. The post s2e52 The Purple Penguin appeared first on Geekspective.
s2e51 Gambo the Magnificent 74:51 02/21/2017 Having upset the holy balance The Evil Doers regroup and meet a very magnificent someone! The post s2e51 Gambo the Magnificent appeared first on Geekspective.
s2e50 VDay Special – Druid Meets Beast 45:52 02/14/2017 Our newly sainted druid has been searching for that special someone for quite some time and today is his lucky day! The post s2e50 VDay Special – Druid Meets Beast appeared first on Geekspective…
s2e49 Enemy of my Enemy Part 9 – A Sewer and a Saint 84:45 02/07/2017 Enemy of my Enemy is finally coming to a close. But, The Evil Doers still need to take care of lose ends in the sewer and in the church. The post s2e49 Enemy of my Enemy Part 9 – A Sewer and a S…
s2e48 Enemy of my Enemy Part 8 – Desired Answers 80:05 01/31/2017 Having gotten what Azrael wanted he must now deal with the consequences, alone. The rest of The Evil Doers still have much to do and not much time to do so. The post s2e48 Enemy of my Enemy Part 8 …
s2e47 Enemy of my Enemy Part 7 – Sanctification 75:27 01/24/2017 The time has finally come for The Evil Doers to execute their master plans! It is do or die time! The post s2e47 Enemy of my Enemy Part 7 – Sanctification appeared first on Geekspective.
s2e46 Enemy of my Enemy Part 6 – Eye on the Prize 81:47 01/17/2017 The party split among the crowd can only lead to good thing. However, The Evil Doers will need to keep their eye on the prize to get out alive with what they want. The post s2e46 Enemy of my Enemy Par…
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