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Fire n Dice logo
Fire n Dice
Campaign and Convention Actual Play Games in the Anime World.
Host: YuureiGhost

Tabletop Gaming, Actual Plays, Conventions, and Cosplays in the Anime World.

Episode Name Release Date Description
Fire n Dice Promo 09/04/2014 Fire n Dice wants to share your podcast information and help spread the word to others.In exchange, take this promo to add to your podcast.
Blue Gender pt Final 08/31/2014 Our troopers continue on their way to locate the sleepers and liberate them from their holding facility. Blue are all around them, battering their defenses from all sides, reducing their armor to its …
Blue Gender pt 1 07/24/2014 After 30 years in hibernation, our troopers have awakened to a nightmare of giant killer alien bugs invading and destroying earth. Resistance forces have set up a safe haven in an orbital space statio…
The Houston Con 06/14/2014 August 8 - 10th, join us at The Houston Con for all kinds of gaming and convention fun. Fire n Dice will be out there bringing the indie and anime style. Come out and play Corpse Party and chase the s…
Tenra Bansho Zero: Gurren Lagann pt Final 06/09/2014 The conclusion to the Gurren Lagann module of Tenra Bansho Zero goes out with a bang. Listen in to see how it ends, and don't forget to sign up for ApolloCon if you want to be in the next episodes of …
Tenra Bansho Zero: Gurren Lagann 1 04/07/2014 This is the story of a man who has realized his destiny, defeated the Spiral King and reclaimed the earth, who battled against the Anti-Spiralists, snatched victory from impossible odds, and in his fi…
ApolloCon 2014 03/30/2014 Join Fire n Dice June 27 - 29th, 2014 as we run more games from popular anime. Owlcon was fun, but due to unfortunate circumstances, two games were unable to be played: Baccano! and Attack on Titan. S…
Ghost in the Shell pt 2 03/22/2014 One attack after another keeps hitting the financial heart of Tokyo. Section 9 has their hands full trying to clean up the mess and save innocent civilians. Will they be able to locate the source of t…
Ghost in the Shell pt 1 03/05/2014 Unexplained tech has been going haywire and attacking the heart of Japan's economic industry. Section 9 is sent in to protect the citizens and to put a stop to the eco-terrorism. This session was play…
Space City Con 2014 11/05/2013  Fire n Dice has the privilege of running two games at the upcoming Space City Con, January 4th and 5th, 2014, at the Moody Gardens Hotel in Galveston, TX. Because this is FnD's premier opportuni…
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