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Gamester's RPG
Actual Play Podcast
Host: Gamester's RPG
Topics: Actual Play

Actual Play Podcast

Episode Name Release Date Description
Psycho 78 - New World of Darkness 10/26/2014 DOWNLOADHALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR!!!! IN this game, the PCs find themselves at a perty of a casual acquaintance. Everything is going fine, until they are all drawn to trophy room, and a newscast. Stick a…
Amnesia - Part 1 - Call of Cthulhu 09/28/2014 Download In this VERY LOOSE Call of Cthulhu game, our PCs wake up in a strange house with complete amnesia. They are greeted by a man who gives them little information... then they hear the guttural s…
Episode 05 - Stabby Brad 09/14/2014 DOWNLOADThis podcast start off as describing how PC progression goes from person to person, then winds up being a list of what Brad hates and grievances. You may find it ranty, but it is quite funny! …
Episode 04 09/07/2014 DOWNLOADIN this episode, we give a topic, and then we do not follow it! We, of course, get completely sidetracked with other gaming talk, so it's still informative and fun. We talk about character cre…
Episode 03 - Min-Maxing vs. Optimization 08/24/2014 DOWNLOADIn this EPISODE, we take a look at Min-Maxing vs. Optimization... are they one in the same, or are they different. Of course, Brad and Braden are at odds on the subject, leaving Joey and Saul …
The Burning Plague - Part 3 - D&D 3.5 08/21/2014 DOWNLOAD Hello! Here is the stunning conclusion to the BURNING PLAGUE!!! Dun-dun-DUUUUUNNNNNN!!!! I just have to say, for a 1st level module, with very experienced player, this was a shit show for the…
The Burning Plague - Part 2 - D&D 3.5 08/10/2014 DOWNLOAD Welcome to the second part of the Burning Plague! After a near TPK last session, will the party get their wits about them in order to survive, or will they tuck tail and leave? Or maybe there…
The Burning Plague - Part 1 - D&D 3.5 07/27/2014 DOWNLOADWE'RE BAAAAAACK!IN this episode we dive into some D&D 3.5! Happy 40th Dungeons and Dragons! We are playing a WotC module, the burning plague! It's one of my personal favorites. It really f…
Coming Soon... 05/27/2014 HELLO!!!!!It's been awhile... But I am glad to report, we will be gaming again starting on June 6th! HUZZAH!!! I'm not 100% sure on what we're playing, but there will be a game, and an Actual Play to …
Update 02/16/2014 Hello fellow GAMESTERS!We sat down to game last night, but character creation took the whole session, so we do not have a game to post this week. However, Braden will be running a GURPS game for us&nb…
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