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We're a group of podcasters who have at least one thing in common: We talk (at least a little) about roleplaying games. We might talk about what we're playing at our tables, about what's going on the industry, or about what we've learned that might help others improve their games. We might even talk about other things besides roleplaying games! Explore this site and find out more about our shows.


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Goblin: the Gaming Broadcast Network » Goblin Gaming Broadcast Network
The Oldest Gaming Podcast Aggregator on the Internet

The Oldest Gaming Podcast Aggregator on the Internet

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
The Goblin Podcast Episode 1: Beginnings 1:01 09/10/2007 Welcome to the new Goblin Podcast. This podcast is hosted by Jeff Greiner of The Tome Show podcast. This episode features Paul Maclean of Yog Radio, Sam Chupp of The Bear’s Grove and the fantas…
Announcing the Vorpal Network! 11/30/-1 Some veterans of the Goblin Broadcast Network have banded together to form the Vorpal Network! Check them out at http://www.vorpalnetwork.com.! Press contact: Jeff Greiner jeff@vorpalnetwork.com FOR I…
New Logo! 11/30/-1 The Goblin Broadcast Network is proud to present to you our new network logo. Those people who were afraid of snakes may now come back and see the brand new logo, as done by the awesome artist Natalie…
New Recent Podcast Feed for the Network 11/30/-1 To access our Recent Podcast feed, subscribe to the following: http://feeds.feedburner.com/GoblinRecent Thank you!
Welcome New Podcast “The Game’s The Thing” 11/30/-1 Husband and wife team Ron and Veronica Blessing discuss tabletop games, particularly roleplaying games, along with the occasional board or non-collectible card game. Included in the show are rotating …
Wapcaplets 11/30/-1 Welcome to our newest podcast network member, Wapcaplets! Wapcaplets is a podcast for bite-size chunks of gaming news. Check out their website at http://www.wapcaplets.net/ Or subscribe to their feed …
Welcome “Role Playing Public Radio” to the Network! 11/30/-1 Everyone give a warm welcome to Role Playing Public Radio. (RPPR) RPPR is a podcast offering gaming comedy, news, advice, stories and reviews. Check out their website at http://slangdesign.com/rppr/.
Welcome, We’d Rather Be LARPing 11/30/-1 Well, I’d rather be LARPing, too, but that’s beside the point: I’d like to welcome “We’d Rather Be LARPing” to the Goblin Broadcast Network! “We’d Rathe…
Welcome to the Heroic Cthulu Podcast! 11/30/-1 Welcome to the newest Goblin Podcast Network member, the Heroic Cthulu Podcast! These are recorded sessions of table top roleplaying games using a heavily modified BRP (basic role play) system. See th…
Goblin Network member podcast Pulp Gamer takes home two Parsec Awards! 11/30/-1 I’m pleased to announce that Pulp Gamer: Out of Character and Pulp Gamer: Inside Track won two Parsec Awards this weekend: one for Best Infotainment cast and the other for Best Gaming Podcast. C…
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