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Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff logo
Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff
Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff
Host: Kenneth Hite and Robin D Laws

Podcast by Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
Episode 254: Snouted Meepers 1:06:41 08/11/2017 We clatter our dice and thump our miniatures in the Gaming Hut, considering a Patreon backer Travis Johnson question about what to do when the players break the tone they asked you to instill. With a …
Episode 253: That’s More of a Gloss on Aristotle 1:05:51 08/04/2017 The Gaming Hut falls all over itself answering a question from Patreon backer Daniel Krauklis: “What does the choice to have fumbles in your rules that tell us about your game and the moral univ…
Episode 252: A Different, Less Pear-Like Shape 1:06:04 07/28/2017 Are your modern investigators getting cocky? Join us in the Gaming Hut as we riff a rival team to toss some sand in their gears. The Cartography Hut looks at the process of mapping fictional cities, l…
Get on the Bus! Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations Kickstarter Has Launched 1:38 07/26/2017 As heard on this very podcast, I and Atomic Overmind Press are launching — nay, have already launched — the Kickstarter for my book Tour de Lovecraft: the Destinations, the sequel to my mu…
Episode 251: Where, As Opposed to What and AAAHH! 1:02:17 07/21/2017 As one Kickstarter ends, another begins, specifically on Tuesday, July 25. In Among My Many Hats Ken tells us about his cool new book, Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations, which is Kickstarting on Tue…
Episode 250: Lightning Round!!! 1:04:54 07/14/2017 Who would have believed that when they started a podcast two scrappy writer/game designers could make it all the way to episode 250? You know what that means: time once again for another Lightning Rou…
Episode 249: You Take What Toes You Can Get 1:05:18 07/07/2017   Run! Hide! The Gaming Hut is coming for you, with a look at chase rules for horror RPGs. Homicide and puppets collide as the Crime Blotter recounts 1929’s Benny Evangelist murders. The recent…
Episode 248: Bill Somewhat American Johnston 1:09:00 06/30/2017 In the Gaming Hut we find ways to design compelling consequences, with a particular nod toward Robin’s recent work on GUMSHOE One-2-One and The Yellow King Roleplaying Game. The Tradecraft Hut provi…
Episode 247: So Fair It Shines as a Marketing Quote 1:11:56 06/23/2017 Stare! Stare my friends, into the most psychically destablizing hat of all. For this week Among My Many Hats has the Yellow Sign neatly embroidered upon it, and you know what that means: Robin’s…
Special Dire Announcement: The Yellow King Roleplaying Game is Now on Kickstarter 1:21 06/22/2017 We interrupt the tranquility of your regular podcast subscription feed to riff briefly on some long anticipated yet terrifying news. The Yellow King Roleplaying Game, which Robin has been covertly pro…
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