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Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff logo
Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff
Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff
Host: Kenneth Hite and Robin D Laws

Podcast by Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
Episode 234: I Barely Killed Anybody 57:34 03/24/2017 We creep into the Gaming Hut at the command of Patreon backer Alexander Permann, who assigns us the mission of envisioning a Night’s Black Agents spinoff featuring the Kingdom of Asturias. In a join…
Episode 233: It’s Peter Framptons All the Way Down 1:10:40 03/17/2017 The Gaming Hut goes abstract as we discuss metagaming. At the behest of Patreon backer Vana Stillwater, the Food Hut hosts a look at culinary crimes and scams. Then we paw through the contents of Ken&…
Episode 232: Cat Hamlet Half-Elf Robot 1:09:12 03/10/2017 The Gaming Hut may seem friendly and bucolic, but this time it’s full of danger, as we riff a cast of conspiratorial small town NPCs. Take your seat and suppress your coughing as the Culture Hut get…
Episode 231: Please Compensate For Our Brutal Incompetence 1:06:41 03/03/2017 The Hoary Hosts of Patreon backer Elias Helfer command the opening of the Gaming Hut! Therein we shall describe ways to portray weird and magnficent landscapes like those seen in the Doctor Strange mo…
Episode 230: Not the Helsinki Mojitos 1:17:14 02/24/2017 Know us by our funny voices and exaggerated mannerisms as we meet in the Gaming Hut to discuss what makes a Game Master character easy to play. Grab a mojito and light a fine cigar as Ken supplies a T…
Episode 229: Your Perspective on Trees and Badgers 56:19 02/17/2017 The Gaming Hut stands at the service of Patreon backer Vince Arebalo’s son Dax, who asks for tips on getting comfortable around unfamiliar fellow players. The CIA has finally put its trove of de…
Episode 228: I Assume Someone Has Blood-Typed All the Monkeys 1:07:37 02/10/2017 In the Gaming Hut we ask ourselves how far rules and GM influence should go to prevent the players from idiot plotting their own characters. Speaking of gaming the system, esteemed Patreon backer Jere…
Episode 227: Other Buopoths Do 1:14:29 02/03/2017 Another all-request episode starts in the Gaming Hut, where Patreon backer Gerald Sear wants us to consider the Mythos implications of the Disney corporation. Then assemble your miniature greenhouses …
Episode 226: Yig is More of a Moundsville Ohio Guy 1:23:26 01/27/2017 A surrealist sandbox and a structured mystery make a date in the Gaming Hut, as Josh Rose asks how to run Dreamhounds of Paris as a GUMSHOE One-2-One setting. Given that the world has turned into a sp…
Episode 225: Just Make Up a Bunch of Dwarves 1:20:13 01/20/2017 Patreon backer Zachary Joyner poses some Gaming Hut questions about improvising a GUMSHOE game. How quickly do you give out clues? How do you maintain pace without leading the players? Though our late…
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