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Knights of the Night Actual Play Podcast logo
Knights of the Night Actual Play Podcast
Actual Play Podcast
Host: Tom, Scott, Mike, Michael, Bob, Jim, Jonathon, Rachel, and Thomas
Topics: Actual Play

Current: World of Darkness - Hunter: "The Sin Eater"

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
The Streets of Avalon - Ten - Fallout 38:19 05/18/2017 Last time on the Streets of Avalon our rouges found a magical pearl eye, researched it a bit, and decided to make their way to the Copper Cup to get some rest before talking to a lamplighter. Lets fin…
Streets of Avalon #9 - Pearl 31:15 04/29/2017 Last time on the Streets of Avalon our rogues met the enemy. The force who is seeking the box. Now that they know who their enemy is lets find out what moves our rogues will make next. Welcome to the …
Streets of Avalon #8 - Enemy 32:40 04/21/2017 Last time on the Streets of Avalon Marus killed Master Corwin, Vassar’s and Marus’ neighborhood was set ablaze, and our rogues were attacked by them in Morts home. Now lets find out who them is an…
Streets of Avalon #7 - Fire 37:49 04/12/2017 Last time on the Streets of Avalon Marus spoke with Master Corwin, the rest of our rogues met with Mort the Leshae at his graveyard, and  we learned about Ergon the Architect. Now let’s find out wh…
314_CDSA_Failing At Not Making It Skeevy 1:00:25 03/29/2017 The first shot has been fired. The revolution has begun.
Streets of Avalon #6 - Master Corwin 32:59 03/22/2017 Last time on the Streets of Avalon our rogues decided to trust some cats, Marus killed One Eyed Willy for murdering Allison, and Grandma forgave her son Cutter and asked him to stay safe. Now let’s …
313_CDSA Hello Nurse! 1:25:31 03/17/2017 With the Empires ships circling the city - it's time for C6 to convince the pirate lords to thrown in and help capture the ships before they escape. As C6 put it - "I got this"
312_CDSA Next Time A Little More Tongue 1:35:39 03/09/2017 An Extra Long version of KotN (to make up for the lateness. Questions are asked and answered, but there is one big question left - what to do about the two war ships in the skies above House Voluptas …
Streets of Avalon - #5 Allison 30:09 03/05/2017 Last time on the Streets of Avalon our rogues learned that Cutter is Grandma Nora’s son, the Box is wanted by just about everyone who’s important in Avalon, and Allison was shot. Now let’s find …
311_CDSA_Wetting Yourself is a Maneuver 48:38 02/23/2017 Wetting Yourself is a Maneuver The final scene in the basement. Someone gets hurt and someone else get's hurt bad..
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