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Midnight Express
Host: Midnight Express

Shining a light into the darkest corners of the Old World of Darkness

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
Episode 29 - It’s all in the reflexes, or Palace of the Jade Demon [Shard of Darkness] 1:18:13 02/16/2017 In the latest Shard, Darling_Rose and BK find Big Trouble in the shape of the the Jade Demon (aka Lo Pan) from The Book of Chantries.  They discuss the history of the Jade Dragon, and how to use this…
Episode 28 - The World of Darkness is… [Storyteller Advice] 1:22:34 01/27/2017 BK and Wendell_Burke step onto the mean streets of the World of Darkness to explore notions of darkness in storytelling, hiding the supernatural, and the role of consequence.  This is the first in a …
[Web Enhancement] The oncoming train - Wraith: the Oblivion 11/05/2016 Following the earlier Platform Twenty-Six-Seven article, Rose and BK turn their attention to designing carriages for the Midnight Express.  Some general design principles are covered, and then three …
Episode 27 - White Wolf Magazine #40 [Storyteller Advice] 33:34 11/03/2016 In this second solo episode, BK focuses on one article in White Wolf Magazine #40 - namely one on Blood Cults for Vampire: the Masquerade. He breaks the article down, offers advice and background for …
[Web Enhancement] Platform Twenty-Six-Seven - Wraith: the Oblivion 11/03/2016 Day three of the ‘Week of Darkness’ and it’s time for some Wraith goodness! Back in Episode 25 of the Midnight Express Podcast, Rose and I reviewed ‘Midnight Express’, a sourcebook for Wrait…
[Web Enhancement] miniMonsters Go!: a Pentex success story 10/31/2016 Day two of the Week of Darkness is upon us and who better to share the day with than the Wyrm?  Nurture your despair with a new web enhancement from the Midnight Express. As the masses rush across th…
Episode 26 - Interview with the Beckett [Cafe Car] 55:19 10/31/2016 The Week of Darkness is upon us!  Yes, every day this week will contain a content release from Midnight Express.  The horror!  The horror! In this episode, our resident interviewer Rose sits down w…
[Web Enhancement] The Skinner 08/11/2016 In Episode 22 of the Midnight Express Podcast, Pete and I discussed Samuel Haight, ‘The Skinner’ from Werewolf: the Apocalypse.  Presented here is a distillation of chronicle ideas to use the mo…
Episode 25 - Midnight Express [Reader’s Companion] 1:27:38 08/05/2016 All aboard! To celebrate the 25th episode, BK and Rose part with some oboli for tickets on the Midnight Express.  They discuss the book in some detail, converse on the nature of Ferrymen, and then hi…
Episode 24 - Project Twilight [Readers Companion] 1:44:35 07/29/2016 The truth is out there! BK hangs his ‘I Want to Believe‘ poster, whilst Pete forages for a pants suit before opening an unauthorised investigation into ‘Project Twilight‘. Through the haze of …
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