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We're a group of podcasters who have at least one thing in common: We talk (at least a little) about roleplaying games. We might talk about what we're playing at our tables, about what's going on the industry, or about what we've learned that might help others improve their games. We might even talk about other things besides roleplaying games! Explore this site and find out more about our shows.


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Misdirected Mark
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Host: Misdirected Mark Productions

Information and Entertainment for tabletop games

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
102.X – Steamscapes: Asia with Eric Simon 49:05 09/29/2014 Steamscapes Asia with Eric Simon Hey Folks. This week in the lounge we have Eric Simon of Four in Hand games to talk about his Steamscapes: Asia kickstarter, Steampunk, the best gamer wedding I’…
MMP130 – Ken Hite, Garrett Crowe, & AMP Year One 1:47:06 09/27/2014 Ken Hite, Garret Crowe, & AMP Year one Hey Folks. This week we have Garrett Crowe on to talk about his shows which are coming or already on Misdirected Mark Prodcutions, Threat Detected and Threat…
DwD&D #6 – Fighter Finished, QCC & AL update, Classed up Storytelling 41:52 09/25/2014 Fighter finished, QCC & AL update, Storytelling from Class What is up. We’re back with another episode of Down with D&D and this time we have the Mad Wizard back with us to chat about …
Threat Detected 61 Part 2 50:17 09/25/2014   TD 061 Do We Hit Him or Help Him Part2   The Threat Detected adventure continues as our heroes decide whether to betray the legendary Luskin Exovar.
TD 061 Do We Help Him Or Hit Him 1:10:28 09/25/2014   TD 061 Do We Hit Him or Help Him Part1   “The eyes can never see what the mind views as impossible.” This is the catch phrase of Luskin Exovar, the Davy Crockett of the Star Wars unive…
MMP #129 – Eloy Lasanta, Supers, & Amp Year One 1:39:44 09/18/2014 Eloy Lasanta, Supers, & Amp Year One Hey Folks. This week we’re hurling through time and space to save Garrett Crowe from being Podfaded by Vogons. Unfortunately we run into a complication a…
The TKV-Team Podcast, Episode 8: Grape Ape 25:54 09/16/2014 Hey, everyone! Tim goes solo this week, taking over the airwaves while Karol and I get wrapped up in life. In this episode, he covers more backlog games, along with some recent news, such as the Ninte…
MMP#128 – IP’s, Star Realms, & AMP Year One 2:14:38 09/13/2014 IP’s, Star Realms, and AMP Year One Hey Folks. This time on the Misdirected Mark Podcast we get in deep on Star Realms, the Ascension meets MtG deck builder, beam captain Mappin aboard for some …
DwD&D #5 – Monsters, AL, QCC, Bards, & Eldritch Knights 56:55 09/11/2014 Monsters, AL, QCC, Bards, & Eldritch Knights Hey Everyone. We’re back with another episode of Down With D&D for your listening enjoyment and this week we have Alex Swingle back in the ho…
MMP#127 – Chattin with Mappin, Mass Effect RPG, & AMP Year One 1:50:27 09/04/2014 Chattin with Mappin, Mss Effect RPG, and AMP Year One Hey Folks. We’re here at the house to chat with Captain Mappin who is suited up in his best TNG uniform, ready to tell us all about his very…
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