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We're a group of podcasters who have at least one thing in common: We talk (at least a little) about roleplaying games. We might talk about what we're playing at our tables, about what's going on the industry, or about what we've learned that might help others improve their games. We might even talk about other things besides roleplaying games! Explore this site and find out more about our shows.


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Episode Name Time Release Date Description
Advantage to Insight – Episode 26: Arcanis feat. Henry Lopez 44:08 03/23/2017 Return to Arcanis: The World of Shattered Empires! Welcome Henry Lopez, creator of Arcanis to the show as we dive into topics about the campaign setting, the origins of the game, the long running or…
HoFotOSR#6 – Sean “Railroad” Kelley 39:05 03/23/2017 On this episode Hobbs is joined by Sean “Railroad” Kelley and they talk DCC and nakedness in game products. Enjoy the show and let Jason know how we’re doing in the comments below o…
MMP#250 – Kung Fu, Finally 1:45:02 03/22/2017 Hey Folks. This week it’s episode 250. That’s right. 250. More interesting, it’s actually the Kung Fu episode. Enjoy and thank you for being here for so long with us. Time Stamps 1:1…
DwD&D#92 – Investiagtion 41:46 03/21/2017 Let’s get Sherlocked. We’re talking investigation on Down with D&D this week as we delve into the mystery of it all. Links D&D Beyond Mike Shea’s Deep Dive
DwD&D#92 – Investiagtion 41:46 03/21/2017 Let’s get Sherlocked. We’re talking investigation on Down with D&D this week as we delve into the mystery of it all. Links D&D Beyond Mike Shea’s Deep Dive
Panda’s Talking Games – 52: PANDAVERSARY! 1:08:54 03/20/2017 Show us how you survive ONE YEAR of crazy silly shows about role playing games/one shots and campaigns! Phil and Senda reminisce and go long about favorite shows, favorite shticks, and favorite outtak…
Cypher Speak: Rules Primer 11:19 03/20/2017 We wanted to give a quick Rules Primer of the Cypher System.  For experienced players there will not be much new here, but if you are a new player, and want to understand the jargon in some of our ep…
Cypher Speak Episode 5: Comparative Cypher Studies 35:54 03/20/2017 This week we compare the Cypher System to several other game systems.  If you are unfamiliar with the Cypher System, this will help you draw comparisons to games you may know.  If you are familiar …
Threats From Gallifrey Running With the Rippers 03/17/2017 Garrett’s Paranoia book is published! Savage Tim talks Rippers. “Doctor of Gallifrey” by Marc Gunn can be purchased here. Manos and Dragons can be puchased at http://www.drivethrurpg.com/produc…
The Streets of Avalon. Six – Master Corwin 32:59 03/17/2017 Last time on the Streets of Avalon our rogues decided to trust some cats, Marus killed One Eyed Willy for murdering Allison, and Grandma forgave her son Cutter and asked him to stay safe. Now let̵…
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