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PlayAARG.com Game Play Recordings
Beginning with a campaign beta-testing the rules system
Host: Steve Keller, Suburban Robot Games
Topics: Actual Play

Actual play audio recordings of AARG RPG system, most GMed by the system designer

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
Amity Campaign #30 - The Library At Last 50:15 09/30/2016 This week the Headlanders arrive at the library, only to find that Bucco's men beat them to it. But they don't have the key, the Headlanders do. (More episode notes at http://www.playaarg.com/podcast/…
American Auror #8 - Something That's Close to the Truth 1:06:47 06/23/2016 This week, the paranoia begins as the Aurors start to wonder if the whole world really is out to get them. Or, more precisely, was out to get their predecessors and they inherited that. (More episode …
Non-AARG Games #5 - The Blackfish, a Dynamo Game 1:15:41 04/04/2016 When a super-powered eco-terrorist wreaks havoc in a small, Louisiana town the super-powered yokel cops wreak havoc right back. You can download the DYNAMO system for free. (More episode notes at http…
Amity Campaign #29 - Peace Talks 58:29 03/09/2016 This week's episode works hard to earn that NSFW tag! And make sure to check the episode notes for a picture of the "key"! (More episode notes at http://www.playaarg.com/podcast/amity/AARG_A…
American Auror #7 - Malleus 1:17:00 02/27/2016 There is a short catch-up on the PlayAARG website if you skipped episode 6. Complete show notes for episode 7 also on the website. (More episode notes at http://www.playaarg.com/podcast/american_auror…
Amity Campaign #28 - She Knows All Our Lies 1:14:45 02/03/2016 Last episode, the Headlanders returned to the home they've never seen, Fort Headland, only to find that Ambros Bucco's mage boats had beaten them there. (More episode notes at http://www.playaarg.com/…
American Auror #6 - Your Auras Are A Little Fat 1:24:42 01/14/2016 Please read the notes on this episode on the PlayAARG website. (More episode notes at http://www.playaarg.com/podcast/american_auror/AARG_American_Auror_Ep_6)
Non-AARG Games #4 - Misdirected 2:34:29 08/31/2015 The filming of a Z-grade horror flick goes awry when the actor playing the evil necromancer turns out to be a little too method. Guest GM Corey runs us through a game of Dynamo. You can download the D…
Amity Campaign #27 - Jiggity Jig 1:44:48 08/18/2015 The Headlanders are back in allied territory and big changes are afoot. (More episode notes at http://www.playaarg.com/podcast/amity/AARG_Amity_Campaign_Ep_27)
American Auror #5 - The Birds and Bees, the Apple Trees 2:16:17 06/01/2015 The Aurors take stock of their recent failure and make plans. But first, a trip to a haunted summer camp. (More episode notes at http://www.playaarg.com/podcast/american_auror/AARG_American_Auror_Ep_5…
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