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We're a group of podcasters who have at least one thing in common: We talk (at least a little) about roleplaying games. We might talk about what we're playing at our tables, about what's going on the industry, or about what we've learned that might help others improve their games. We might even talk about other things besides roleplaying games! Explore this site and find out more about our shows.


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Actual play tabletop RPG podcasts from various genres and game editions.

Episode Name Release Date Description
RPG CROSSTALK 09/19/2015 Commentary, analysis, reviews, player interviews and round table discussion on a variety of subjects related to tabletop RPGs.Coming soon...
E24: HOARD OF THE DRAGON QUEEN (SESSION 13: HELMED HORRORS AND MUSICAL DOORS) 08/31/2015 After offing a Red Wizard at Castle Naerytar and acquiring the secret code word from him to actuate a subterranean portal, the PCs - namely, Lathandis (Wood Elf Cleric), Seren (Half-Elf Eldritch Knigh…
E23: HOARD OF THE DRAGON QUEEN (SESSION 12: THAT WHICH DWELLS BELOW THE CASTLE) 07/31/2015 Having finagled and rampaged their way past a band of Bullywugs at the entrance of Castle Naerytar, the PCs - namely, Lathandis (Wood Elf Cleric), Seren (Half-Elf Eldritch Knight) and Erzo (Drow Rogue…
E22: HOARD OF THE DRAGON QUEEN (SESSION 11: MERE MERE ON THE WALL, WHO'S THE FROGGIEST OF THEM ALL?) 06/30/2015 PCs Lathandis (Wood Elf Cleric), Seren (Half-Elf Eldritch Knight), Erzo (Drow Rogue), along with NPC muffin Jamna Gleamsilver (Gnome Rogue), head westward out into the precarious Mere of Dead Men. The…
E21: HOARD OF THE DRAGON QUEEN (SESSION 10: WHAT'S GOING ON?) 06/10/2015 The PCs seem to have gotten themselves into a pickle while stopping off at the Carnath Roadhouse. Almost by serendipity, Seren (Half-Elf Eldritch Knight), Lathandis (Wood Elf Cleric) and Erzo (Drow Ro…
E20: HOARD OF THE DRAGON QUEEN (SESSION 9: ROLLICKING RUCKUS AT THE ROADHOUSE) 05/02/2015 After the travelling for about one week northward on the High Road, the caravan stops off at the Carnath Roadhouse. The PCs - Seren (Half-Elf Eldritch Knight), Lathandis (Wood Elf Cleric), Erzo (Drow …
E19: HOARD OF THE DRAGON QUEEN (SESSION 8: TAKE THE HIGH ROAD) 04/14/2015 Party member Erzo (Drown Rogue) finds himself alone after the mysterious disappearance of his colleague. However, he is joined by two new PCs: Seren (Half-Elf Eldritch Knight) and Lathandis (Wood Elf …
E18: HOARD OF THE DRAGON QUEEN (SESSION 7: DOPPELGANGERS, DAGGERFORD AND A DEATH) 03/27/2015 The caravan continues northward. Next stop: Daggerford. But before then, Erzo (Drow Rogue) is going to spend  time intimidating passengers and use the nighttime hours to stealthily open crates in…
E17: HOARD OF THE DRAGON QUEEN (SESSION 6: BODACIOUS BLONDE-HAIRED ELF BIMBOS AT BALDUR'S GATE... AND BEYOND 03/07/2015 The PCs depart Beregost, continuing on their northward trek along The Coast Way, eventually reaching Baldur's Gate. Once there, they check out a magic shop, then, via an intermediary, head over to a t…
E16: HOARD OF THE DRAGON QUEEN (SESSION 5: RETURN THE MUFFIN, THEN NORTHWARDS WE PROCEED !) 02/10/2015 After cleaning house in the cave system at the Raiders Camp, Erzo (Drow Rogue) and Mulinex (Elf Druid/Ranger) bring back their captured Spellcaster to Greenest for interrogation. Still, all clues on t…
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