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Radio Free Borderlands: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast logo
Radio Free Borderlands: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
Host: Radio Free Borderlands: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Welcome to Radio Free Borderlands! Here we will discuss topics of D&D from the viewpoint of those who have played the game for many years. Discussions will include not only topics of optimal play, but also delve into previous editions and history as well.

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
Episode 119: The Inspiration! 53:47 04/26/2017 HOST: Dan CO-HOST: Al SYNOPSIS: Al joins us again to talk about various places that we can seek inspration for our new characters. We dig into both in-game methods and throughout media.
Episode 118: News Feed, March 2017 19:02 04/01/2017 SYNOPSIS: News about e-tools, updated classics, miniatures, new products, and some rock & roll at Gen Con!
Episode 117: Non-Combat Magic Items & Artifacts 35:22 03/24/2017 YOUR HOSTS: Dan & Shannon SYNOPSIS: Shannon returns to talk about a topic that she wanted to discuss with us all, that of magic items that aren't really combat-focused. We also take a slight diversion…
Episode 116: News Feed, February 2016 15:47 02/28/2017 SYNOPSIS: February has come & gone, but here's what has been in the news for D&D for the month, as well as our monthly list of Cons to look forward to!
Episode 115: Edition War & Nerd Rage! Oh My! 22:09 02/18/2017 YOUR HOST: Dan. SYNOPSIS: I try my best, without judgement of your favored version of the game, to look into the causes of the edition wars by comparing two transitions. I also try to kill the notion …
Episode 114: News Feed, January 2017 11:57 01/31/2017 YOUR HOST: Dan. SYNOPSIS: Dan comes out of quarantine finally for an update on all the news for the new year, including the recently announced Tales From the Yawning Portal.
Episode 113: News Feed, December 2016 17:36 12/30/2016 Synopsis: More Unearthed Arcana, New POD & PDFs, New WizKids minis, and the loss of a legend. For Summerlund and the Kai!
Episode 112: Retro Review - Player's Option: Combat & Tactics (1995) 17:24 12/19/2016 YOUR HOST: Dan. SYNOPSIS: My recording woes are over! Time to make up lost episodes, first with this retro review which I've wanted to do for months. We'll be checking out this rules tome which is one…
Episode 111: Immortality and Demigodhood 46:02 12/13/2016 YOUR HOSTS: Dan & Al. SYNOPSIS: Audio quality isn't up to my normal desired levels but the content & topic is good even though I sound like I'm using a tin can for a microphone. Today Al & Dan discuss…
Episode 110: News Feed, November 2016 12:24 11/29/2016 YOUR HOST: Dan. SYNOPSIS: The audio is a little better, but I'm still having issues. Therefore, here's the November news which will hopefully keep you happy until the promised new big-topic show can b…
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