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We're a group of podcasters who have at least one thing in common: We talk (at least a little) about roleplaying games. We might talk about what we're playing at our tables, about what's going on the industry, or about what we've learned that might help others improve their games. We might even talk about other things besides roleplaying games! Explore this site and find out more about our shows.


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Rag-NERD-rok Podcast
Your home of the Nerd-pocalypse!
Host: The Rag-NERD-rok Crew

The Best Actual Plays This Side of the Apocalypse!

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
Dungeon World: Inverse World – “Ice Loch 3” 2:15:02 08/09/2017 In the final episode of our Inverse World mini-campaign, Seahawk and Crew discover a terrifying secret on the island of Ice Loch. While Mal and Crysis invade the home of the island’s ruling family a…
Fate Accelerated – “A Visit with Grandpapa” 2:00:00 08/02/2017 Three gentlemen from the upper crust of Victorian society — a doctor, a champion polo player and a “poet” — are planning on spending a lovely day on the estate of their Grandfather. However, t…
Dungeon World: Inverse World – “Ice Loch 2” 2:29:59 07/26/2017 In this week’s Actual Play, Seahawk and his crew of nefarious sky mercenaries continue their quest to free the floating island of Ice Loch from the choking influence of a local crime family. In orde…
Dungeon World: Inverse World – “Ice Loch 1” 1:44:50 07/19/2017 This week, Rag-NERD-rok takes to the upside-down skies of Inverse World with the first installment of a three-episode mini-campaign! A criminal mastermind known as The Tentacle contracts Captain Seaha…
Transhumanity’s Fate – “Delphinium One” 3:57:15 07/12/2017 For the Sentinels of The Invisible Word, an “informal” Firewall server dedicated to tracking and combating epistemological threats, nothing poses a greater danger to the continued existence of the…
Call of Cthulhu – “From The Rubble” 2:23:56 07/05/2017 The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was the worst disaster to ever hit the city, and one of the worst disasters the U.S. has ever faced. The city was almost completely destroyed, and it took years to…
My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria – “The Pet Predicament” 2:45:21 06/28/2017 On an ordinary day in Ponyville, four friends are about to find way more adventure than they bargained for. There’s Silver Spirit, the dim but lovable earth pony who specializes in the healing arts.…
Fate: Masters of Umdaar – “Six-Sided Vengeance” 3:32:17 06/21/2017 In the series finale to Alex’s Masters of Umdaar campaign, the Archaeonauts must use the Cube of Subeqo to defeat Drazkum the Debaser. First, however, they will need to capture the final piece, a sl…
Fate: Masters of Umdaar – “Finding Subeqo,” or, “The Down Boat Double-Cross” 3:28:59 06/15/2017 This week’s installment of Masters of Umdaar finds our brave Archaeonauts returning to the seaside village of Meh on the Mediocre Coast, site of their storied victory against the dreaded Ella-Vator!…
Fate: Blood on the Trail – “Seven Brides for Seven Vampires” 4:09:48 06/07/2017 A group of settlers embarks on the trail west, each for their own reasons. In order to guarantee safety in numbers, they band together with other travelers hoping to start new lives on the frontier. B…
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