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We're a group of podcasters who have at least one thing in common: We talk (at least a little) about roleplaying games. We might talk about what we're playing at our tables, about what's going on the industry, or about what we've learned that might help others improve their games. We might even talk about other things besides roleplaying games! Explore this site and find out more about our shows.


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The Best Actual Plays This Side of the Apocalypse!

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
Magical Fury – “Tour de Force Majeure” 2:35:31 05/17/2017 There seems to be a veritable glut of Magical Fury games being posted lately, so here’s ours! The touring teen J-pop band 4W is about to play a big concert in their hometown, but first, they must s…
Fiasco – “O The Insanity!” 2:30:01 05/10/2017 A German banker flies across the Atlantic on the Hindenburg with a secret stash of Nazi gold. His grandson, a time traveling thief, plots to go back and join the infamous last voyage in order to steal…
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – “Escape the Empire” 2:14:41 05/03/2017 This week, Meyer ran a session of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire for Star Wars Day! Deep beneath the surface of Kessel, imperial prisoners from across the galaxy toil endlessly in the mines, harvesting…
Fate: Masters of Umdaar – “Journey to the Deepwood Necropolis” 2:27:46 04/26/2017 After being tricked by an evil Master and teleported halfway across the realm, our intrepid Archaeonauts find themselves in a vast forest, surrounded by hostile gorilla people. Once captured, they me…
Fate: Masters of Umdaar – “Pleads and Thank You” 2:59:29 04/19/2017 Following their adventure in the skylands, Ruby Gleam (Spell-Weaver Supreme), Dourla the Loveslug, Ryder the Last Battle Toad, Charlemagne the (newly) octopoid cytyr, and Sir Reginald meet a new compa…
Monsters and Other Childish Things – “DSCM 10: The Escape Plan” 2:18:25 04/12/2017 In this week’s episode of The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor, Noch hatches a scheme to clear Cecil’s name, but finds himself at loggerheads with Duncan, who believes that justice will be ser…
Monsters and Other Childish Things – “DSCM 9: Inside and Out” 2:57:55 04/05/2017 In this week’s melancholic installment of The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor, Cecil, Noch and one of the Delaney triplets find themselves at the mercy of the sinister Sheriff Toulouse, falsely…
Eclipse Phase – “Know Eva Episode 1: Lost Patience” 20:24 04/01/2017 Enjoy this totally legitimate Actual Play that we are posting off-schedule for no reason whatsoever. *wink* *wink*
Red Markets – “Papers, Please” 4:08:05 03/29/2017 It’s a simple job: go to the mall, break into the DMV and steal a bunch of shit for someone who needs it. The payout is pretty decent, too. Simple, right? Well, nothing is simple in the Loss. It’s…
Monsters and Other Childish Things – “DSCM 8: The Frame-Up” 3:21:42 03/22/2017 This week’s installment of The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor is full of untold peril and woe for our misbegotten orphans. Following the, uh, defacement of Barry Toink, Duncan Barrowart is a…
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