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Secret Life of Girl Gamers logo
Secret Life of Girl Gamers
We are a new podcast giving the perspective of female gamers for roleplaying, board and video games. How gaming affects us, and how our lives affect our gaming.
Host: Carol, Jacqui and Stephanie

Carol, Jacqui and Stephanie posting information from their monthly podcast, The Secret Life of Girl Gamers, and whatever else is on their minds.

Episode Name Release Date Description
Episode 9 - Gamer Parenting 10/09/2008 Episode 9 - Gamer ParentingSorry about the delay - we didn't have our full recording kit, and we gave the Olympus WS-110 a run for its money. This episode was suggested by our expectant co-host, Jacq…
GenCon 2008 Interviews and Demos: Green Fairy Games 09/12/2008 The SLGG spotlight is on Green Fairy Games this time, as I got an interview with Justin Bow, creator of 'Fae Noir', and recorded a demo of 'Candycreeps' with Nick Licata (and fellow podcaster J.J from…
GenCon 2008 - Interview #1 - Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone 08/21/2008 Here is the first of several interviews that I was lucky enough to get at GenCon. I had the pleasure of playing a session of 'Godsend Agenda' last GenCon with my fellow AGC co-hosts, Mark and Chris, …
Secret Life of Girl Gamers - The Video Games Live Review 07/26/2008 The Video Games Live ReviewWe attended Video Games Live last Friday at the Kentucky Center of the Arts. Jack Wall conducted the Louisville Orchestra in a truly energetic, multimedia performance. Hig…
Interview - Tommy Tallarico 07/13/2008 We were very lucky to get an interview with Tommy Tallarico, co-producer of Video Games Live. We caught up with him in Austin, TX between shows, and we had a wonderful conversation with him.Links to …
Episode 6 - Part 2 - Video Games Live, Diablo III, Spore and more! 07/10/2008 Episode 6 - Part 2 - Video Games Live!The sensational "Video Games Live!" is coming to Louisville, KY, July 18th, and the Girl Gamers are going to be there to cover it! I know we haven't talked a lot…
Episode 6 - Part 1 - D&D 4th Edtion Overview - 7/9/2008 69:18 07/09/2008 Episode 6 - Part 1 - D&D 4th Edition Overview - 7/9/2008This episode is so jam-packed with gamer-goodness it's actually *two* episodes!First, overall, we're a *little* bit late, a…
Conventions, what are they, and how do I survive one? 05/13/2008 From Carol: So the bleeding edge of the Dresden Files didn't happen due to personal issues, but I plan on at least beta'ing. I swear work won't completely eat my soul...We're back from a short hiatus…
Ending a Campaign 3/22/2008 03/24/2008 In this episode we discuss our experiences with the end of campaigns. Both the one that Jacqui and Carol ended recently, and other games we've been in. Planning is a good thing. Epic isn't always t…
In-Character Relationships...of a romantic nature 2/28/2008 03/11/2008 From Carol: Sorry this is so late. Totally my fault.This episode we discuss in-character relationships. Player-character / Non-player character, player-character / player-character, and even Non-pla…
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