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Swordnut Radio logo
Swordnut Radio
Host: Paul Bennett

Tabletop rpg actual play and discussion. Dungeons and Dragons, Inspectres, Fate and more

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
79 D&D5e: Doors 26 “Just The Tip” 52:33 02/16/2017 https://www.gofundme.com/swordnut-radio-recording-equipment
78 D&D5e: Doors 25 “Homicidal Giggle” 44:42 02/06/2017 I did not see this comming.    Biddy - Ruh the Psychopathic Human Fey Pact Warlock/Druid and Phus, a psudodragon familiar Adam - Gimble Gallowglass, Sociopathic Gnome Lore Bard/Cleric Dave: - Jace, …
77 D&D5e: Doors 24 “Another Disembodied Head” 1:13:39 01/31/2017 Getting caught in the rain with pina coladas and a mysterious door.  Biddy - Ruh the Human Fey Pact Warlock/Druid and Phus, a psudodragon familiar Adam - Gimble Gallowglass, Gnome Lore Bard/Cleric To…
76 - Xmas Special: Cliche 2:13:11 12/24/2016 dont listen. for the love of all that is holy, just walk away now
75 D&D5e: Doors 23 “Sexy Sexy Fish-horse 48:41 12/11/2016
74 D&D5 e: Doors 22 “” 1:02:28 12/05/2016
73 - Nonsense. And Feedback. And prizes 40:18 12/03/2016 this is… something… i suppose. if you listen to it, you will lose all respect for us
72 - D&D5e - Doors 21: “Peak D&D” 57:53 11/28/2016 Biddy - Ruh the Human Fey Pact Warlock and Phus, a psudodragon familiar Adam - Gimble Gallowglass, Gnome Lore Bard Tom - Carahad, Dwarven Battlemaster Dave: - Jace, Human Way of the Fist Monk Paul - D…
71 - D&D5e - Doors: “Anyone Got Milk?” 11/20/2016
70 - Dread Slippers 3 “A, B+, AB, O, Pumpkin” 51:42 11/07/2016 Biddy runs a DREAD rpg actual play. Sci-fi shenanegins  Biddy - GM Adam - Harry Paul - Tom Dave - Dick Riverhouse Games Podcast https://www.patreon.com/RiverhouseGames
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