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The Dice Section logo
The Dice Section
Join hosts Michael Harrison and Dave Kirby at their gaming table as they chat about their geeky obsessions, play games, and have fun.
Host: The Dice Section

Join hosts Michael Harrison and Dave Kirby at their gaming table as they chat about their geeky obsessions, play games, and have fun.

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
The Dice Section 36: Roll Player 4589 05/24/2017 For this episode, the guys played Keith Matejka's Roll Player into the double digits. This game, published by Thunderworks Games in the United States, with art by John Ariosa and Luis Francisco, is a …
The Dice Section 35: Sentinels of the Multiverse and Arkham Horror 4673 02/27/2017 Dave, Michael, and Geoff revisit cooperative card games, which, as a rule, they've despised, and give Sentinels of the Multiverse and the Arkham Horror LCG a chance.
The Dice Section 34: Colt Express 3957 01/23/2017 We hitch a ride on the Colt Express, the 3D movement programming game that took the world by storm back 2014, won the Spiel des Jahres in 2015, and finally made its way into Michael's stocking for Chr…
The Dice Section 33: Mansions and Castles 4646 01/09/2017 For this episode, we ask: would you rather visit a mansion haunted by eldritch monsters, or a castle commissioned by an insane Bavarian monarch? It's a tough choice. We'll help you decide, as we talk …
The Dice Section 32: Bad Detectives 4320 10/14/2016 In this episode, we revisit New Bedford, because it's our new favorite worker-placin' city-buildin' whale-huntin' game. We can't stop thinking about it, we want to play it every time we hang out, and …
The Dice Section 31: Marc Specter and Unreal Estate 2205 10/05/2016 Sometimes I run into interesting people in the games community and I have questions for them. Mainly for my own edification. I'm a dad, I work a nine-to-five job, and I often feel like I barely have t…
The Dice Section 30: New Bedford 4061 09/09/2016 What happened to all those episodes between now and last October!? Well, either way, we’re back, joined by our old buddy, Geoff, and we’re talking about New Bedford, Sheriff of Nottingham, and Sha…
The Dice Section 29: Let Me Tell You About My Shadowrun Character 4217 10/15/2015 In this episode, our first after a long summer vacation, we discuss those moments in role-playing games—video and tabletop—that made us stop and think. As young players, the idea of character dile…
The Dice Section 28: Temple of Elemental Evil 4078 05/14/2015 Haircuts. Boxing. Sword and sorcery and dungeon crawls, including a revolutionary occurrence in our 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign and a review of the new Temple of Elemental Evil board game …
The Dice Section 27: Social Games 5503 05/05/2015 In this episode, Dave and Michael talk about social games: Apples to Apples, The Resistance, and Coup. They also chat about last year's Dead of Winter and the recent Unpub Mini event held at Atomic Em…
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