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We're a group of podcasters who have at least one thing in common: We talk (at least a little) about roleplaying games. We might talk about what we're playing at our tables, about what's going on the industry, or about what we've learned that might help others improve their games. We might even talk about other things besides roleplaying games! Explore this site and find out more about our shows.


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The Dragon Fisters Podcast logo
The Dragon Fisters Podcast
A group of friends who ramble and shamble while dice rumble and tumble. Call us casually-hardcore role players of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Dungeon Delver, Mouse Guard, and Gamma World.
Host: The Dragon Fisters

A group of friends who ramble and shamble while dice rumble and tumble. Call us casually-hardcore role players of Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

Episode Name Release Date Description
Episode 258: The End 06/19/2017 This Episode: Another old acquaintance makes an appearance, bringing with him a few little secrets. Secrets that spark a fire, that spark war. War that is cut short by chaos. Trevor (Tarik), Kelli..…
Episode 257: The Beginning of 06/12/2017 This Episode: Leo and Gallyn find themselves on the other side of the portal, back in the real world. Though what world they've returned to suspect, and whether or not they're better off here is even.…
Episode 256: New Mother 06/06/2017 This Episode: The group returns home, only to find new visitors to Newhold. But these new visitors bring the past with them, as well as a new and miraculous future. Trevor (Tarik), Kelli (Falltu),..…
Episode 255: Someone Old, Someone New 05/29/2017 This Episode: While the group deals with the aftermath of the last inhabitants of the mine, Rusk deals with the inhabitants of his mind. Trevor (Tarik), Kelli (Falltu), Besse (Rusk), Dave... A grou…
Episode 254: Glass Goblins 04/05/2017 This Episode: The group clears the dungeon and makes their exit. However it turns out that they find themselves in sort of a Goldilocks situation, and now Papa Bear is home. Trevor (Tarik), Kelli...…
Episode 253: Holy Place 03/27/2017 This Episode: The group runs into some hunkered down goblins, in a room that most definitely is not for regular habitation. Trevor (Tarik), Kelli (Falltu), Besse (Rusk), Dave (Ro'Dash), Al... A gro…
Episode 252: Behind the Couch 03/21/2017 This Episode: The group partitions their adventure with a troubled and restless night, afterwards exploring the rest of this strange well/mine/catacombs place. There are a few strange and exciting... …
Episode 251: New Gear 12/05/2016 This Episode:  The group cleans up some mutant goblins, and stumbles across something even more disgusting than a penis in the eye. Oh, and they find a penis in an eye. Trevor (Tarik), Kelli...…
Episode 250: Now Watch Me Whip 11/28/2016 This Episode: The group continues their fight against the mutated goblins, and find that they are just a bit more grotesque than they originally appeared. Also, Harman hits on Falltu. Trevor... A g…
Episode 249: Fire and Freaks 11/22/2016 This Episode: The group explores the lower sections of this (more than simply a) mine, and find that the denizens of the darker sections are much more than simple goblins. Trevor (Tarik), Kelli... …
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