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The Hench-Cast logo
The Hench-Cast
RPG Actual Play that is totally HENCH!

RPG Actual Play hosted from Central Wisconsin. Jeff, John, Mike, Jason and Josh play RPG's with a play style that is less serious, a lot of amusing, and totally HENCH!

Episode Name Release Date Description
E32: Pathfinder - Dungeons and Double Dragons 01/06/2013 Welcome to the Hench-Cast!This week we pick up a new Pathfinder campaign with some new 4th level characters.  Things got a little weird in the character gen session and we ended up with a Ninja, …
E31: Savage Worlds - Walk into the light... 12/30/2012 Happy new year from the Hench-Cast!This week we have a slightly longer episode to finish up our Savage Worlds horror one-shot.  Enjoy as we get stuck in more combat and make even more bad decisio…
E30: Savage Worlds - Bus Combat! 12/16/2012 Welcome to the Hench-Cast!This week we continue our Savage Worlds horror one shot.  Stuck on a bus fighting off dick wolves and zombiemen, will we ever make it off?Also this week we are bumping u…
E29: Savage Worlds - Broken Bus 12/11/2012 Welcome to the Hench-Cast!This week the guys settle in for a Savage Worlds one shot set in a horror setting to prep us for Jeff's upcoming Realms of Cthulhu campaign.  Sit back and enjo…
E28: Pathfinder - The Deep Hurt 12/02/2012 Welcome to the Hench-Cast!This week the boys start their journey to Wartle after dispatching the evil Bedroom Chicken Invaders!Click here to download!John: GMJeff: Stirling MortlockMike: William Doubl…
E27: Pathfinder - Bedroom Chickens 11/25/2012 Welcome to the Hench-Cast!This week the boys finalize their contract with Lord Roamer and head home to get a good nights sleep before their adventure begins...Click here to download!John: GM…
E26: Pathfinder - The Heroes Return! 11/17/2012 Holy hell we are back!  There are at -least- 6 weeks of content getting ready to go, and more being made!In this episode the Heroes of Sandpoint attempt to pick up where we left off and rece…
Summer Sessions 06/16/2012 Hey everyone!  Mike put a post up in the forum which I will edit/paraphrase here about this summer:...talking with everyone I think the current plan is to do some other fun things that we want to…
E25: Traveller - Cardboard Massacre 06/10/2012 Welcome to the Hench-Cast!This week we pick back up on our Traveller campaign.  The boys arrive at Reck and sillyness ensues!  Sorry for the late post, we were having some FTP issues earlier…
Ep. 24: Savage Worlds - Western One-Shot 06/03/2012 Welcome back to the Hench-Cast!This week Mike was unable to make it so Jeff sat Jason and John down for a one shot in a western setting using Savage Worlds.  Six shooters and southern accents abo…
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