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The Independent Insurgency
Interviews from the bleeding edge of RPG design.
Host: Robert Bohl

Interviews from the indie game design world.

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
Episode 32: Ron Edwards and James Raggi talk in Finland 2:45:18 03/09/2014 Ron asked me to put up this conversation he recorded with James. It was really interesting and it made me wish I was there to ask more questions. Enjoy.
Episode 31: TTMN: Ron Edwards on twosie games 12:11 08/20/2009 WARNING: The Independent Insurgency is an "explicit" podcast.This episode is 18.4 MB big and 20:08 long.In this Talk To Me Now episode I talk to Ron Edwards of Adept Press and The Forge …
Episode 30: Emily Care Boss on Sign in Stranger 07/30/2009 In this design episode, I talk Emily Care Boss of Black and Green Games about Sign in Stranger, her game of alien exploration. Called "the Peace Corps in space" game, Sign in Stranger …
Episode 29: TTMN: Emily Care Boss on Pirate Jenny & RPGirl 16:50 07/18/2009 In this Talk To Me Now episode I talk to Emily Care Boss of Black & Green Games about two related topics: Pirate Jenny, the booth (number 2023) at Gen Con Indy 2009 featuring games designed by wom…
Episode 28: J.R. Blackwell on Shelter in Place 07/16/2009 This design episode is part of a series from the Indie Design Roundtable from DexCon 12, which I was the moderator of. In this one, we talk to photographer, writer, pod…
Episode 27: John Stavropoulos and Jim Sullivan on MonkeyDome 06/30/2009 In this design episode, I talk to John Stavropoulos and Jim Sullivan of the Imagination Sweatshop (ISS) and NerdNYC about their new playstormed gamein-a-jiffy for JiffyCon Greenfield June 09, MonkeyDo…
Episode 26: TTMN: Epidiah Ravachol on Playstorming 15:37 06/11/2009 In this Talk To Me Now episode, I speak with Epidiah Ravachol, writer of the best horror game I know of, Dread about a style of game design which is a combination of playtesting and …
Episode 25: TTMN: Vincent Baker on Clouds and Boxes 35:23 05/03/2009 In this Talk To Me Now episode, I speak with Vincent Baker about his "cloud and box" theory and accompanying diagrams explaining his take on the interactions…
Episode 24: Julia Ellingboe on Tales of the Fisherman's Wife 35:08 04/19/2009 In this episode, I talk to Julia Bond Ellingboe about her forthcoming game, Tales of the Fisherman's Wife. The game is set in medieval Japan and is a GMless game for telling …
Episode 23: TTMN: Joshua A. C. Newman on Human Contact 14:27 04/06/2009 This episode is 21.4 MB big and 23:44 long.In this episode, I speak with Joshua A. C. Newman about the In A Wicked Age... game we've been playing in with Meguey and Vincent Baker. The…
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