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The Iron Bound Door Podcast logo
The Iron Bound Door Podcast

A Podcast about a group of Dungeons and Dragons Gamers currently playing Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords, The Misgivings. Join the group on their adventures, wanderings and of course ramblings. Come Join us.

Episode Name Time Release Date Description
Iron Gods: Episode 3 Part 2 1:28:23 03/17/2017 Back in town they get an unwelcome visitor. He puts them on a trail that may get them more answers, or just more trouble.
Iron Gods: Episode 3 Part 1 2:09:44 03/10/2017 Our heros go deeper into what can only be a ship of some sort, to find a clockwork being? It iis asking them to be calm as it gets ready to operate on them. This doesn't sound good, lets see if any of…
The Mummy's Mask: Episode 27 2:14:44 03/03/2017 As our hero's finish up in the great library they find that their investigation has only just begun. Their next stop is the Spiral Archives and that has its own problems. Come with us and see how they…
Mummys Mask esp 26 3:10:22 02/24/2017 After gaining some ground in the library our heroes learn there is more information deeper inside. At the Upper Stacks Jax learns a lesson in physics and we make progress digging up some information. …
Iron Gods: Episode 2 Part 2 2:15:03 02/22/2017 We are back with the second half of episode two. Lets join the adventurers while they explore this strange subterranean structure and the danger within.
Iron Gods: Episode 2 Part 1 10 02/20/2017 We pick up with the hero's as they deal with some Gremlins and find what looks to be an outer hatch to a large structure underground.
The Mummy's Mask: Episode 25 2:46:58 02/10/2017 Our heroes finally get to Tephu, a densely packed city along the river sphynx. Here they learn about the great library and that it might hold answers to the cult of the forgotten pharaoh. Lets see how…
Iron Gods: Episode 1 3:20:51 01/28/2017 Welcome to the IRON GODS: Fires of Creation by Neil Spicer from Paizo. Your GM Charlie will take you on a journey into a mix of fantasy and science, we start in the town of Torch to find out what happ…
The Mummy's Mask: Episode 24 3:17:19 01/21/2017 We have started Shifting Sands, the third in The Mummy's Mask adventure. Our Heros have to take a boat ride to Tepu and it doesn't go as planned, does it ever? We do meet a helpful monk on the trip an…
Mummys Mask esp 23 2:37:12 12/15/2016 ITS PAYDAY, they finish up Emnty Graves time for shopping
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