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The Rolemonkeys!
Actual Play Podcasting
Host: The Rolemonkeys
Topics: Actual Play

A fun-loving actual play podcast

Episode Name Release Date Description
Feng Shui Session 3 (2:30) 07/27/2008 The conclusion of our Feng Shui game . I would tell you more but that spoilit ,you are just going to have to listen .Download the mp3 here (27MB)
Feng Shui Session 2 (3:05:11) 07/08/2008 Clay continues his "Ends of the Earth" Feng Shui game. It's been a while, so I don't remember what happens, really, other than I get very snippy and have many bad die rolls.Download the mp3 here! (88…
Rolemonkeys Feng Shui Session 1 (2:21:56) 06/23/2008 In the first sessions of Clay's Feng Shui run, the PCs are brought to an exclusive resort called "The Ends of The Earth," where a mission is laid before them.Download the mp3 here! (36.0 MB)
Rolemonkeys It's A Dog's Life Session 1b: "The Dark Death" (1:18:30) 06/11/2008 Chris finishes his run of It's A Dog's Life. Next up, Feng Shui, run by Clay.Download the mp3 here! (36.0 MB)
Rolemonkeys It's A Dog's Life Session 1a: "Hitting The Trail" (1:50:15) 05/30/2008 Chris starts off running It's A Dog's Life, as the group is given a mission to guide a princess to a neighboring tribe. Cast list will be posted eventually.Also appended is an introduction to the new…
Rolemonkeys It's A Dog's Life Character Generation Session (49:54) 05/22/2008 Character generation for Chris Heim's farewell game, It's a Dog's Life.Download the mp3 here! (22.9 MB)
Rolemonkeys After Dark 7: Colonial Gothic and Dresden (61:13) 05/15/2008 Mark, Chris, Clay, and Max draw the winned of the Colonial Gothic game (which will be sent out soon, I promise) and talk about the plotline that occurred with the Dresden Files playtest.Download the m…
Rolemonkeys D&D Session 4b: "The Shadow Over Deepwatch" (1:01:27) 03/26/2008 The final confrontation at the Craesby Estate closes out "season 1" of "A Creeping Darkness!"Download the mp3 here! (28.8 MB)
Rolemonkeys After Dark 5: A Double Shot of Dresden (42:38) 03/24/2008 Mark, Chris, Clay, Max, and Russ talk about the ongoing Dresden Files playtest. This is actually two different discussions smashed together, first a talk about the supernatural-based PCs (some listed…
Rolemonkeys D&D Session 4a: "Follow The Craesby Road" (1:27:53) 03/19/2008 Danger and peril on the road to the Craesby estate.Download the mp3 here! (40.3 MB)
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